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A Stress-Relieving Plan to Help Elderly Parents Deal With Downsizing

Happy smiling senior couple embracing together at home

Adult children must often assume somewhat of a parental role as their own parents grow older and less capable of living on their own. At times, this can lead to stressful conversations about the future. One common example of this is when adult children talk to their parents about making a plan to downsize from a too-large family home to an apartment that will be more convenient.

I fit is time for you to have this difficult conversation with one or both of your parents, learn what you can do to relieve the stress related to this major life change.

Top Tips for Packing Paintings and Other Artwork

Take precautions when relocating valuable artwork. Here are a few important tips to follow as you pack framed and unframed wall art for a move to a new location.

Order or Create Appropriate Containers and Boxes

All artwork should be packed in an inner and outer container. Order custom crates and boxes for your artwork that include both inner and outer protective containers, or you can make your own containers using cardboard boxes, cardboard sheets, and a box cutter. Artwork boxes can also be made with plywood.

Regardless of the materials used, a custom box should provide at least three inches of space on all sides of the frame. Order or make triangular cardboard corner pieces that slide over the corners of frames to protect the frame materials and prevent any loosening of fasteners that join the frame sides together.

Foam, bubble wrap, and cardboard sheets protect packed artwork from moving around during transit. Use ample amounts of protective materials to fill all voids in artwork packing boxes and crates.

Never use packing peanuts to cushion artwork. The peanuts can destroy the work if they make contact with the piece, and the peanuts become a nightmare during unpacking.

Use Archival Barriers for Unframed Art