4 Tips for Moving in Rainy Weather

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Moving already involves a lot of stress, but the stress can increase if you have to deal with rainy weather. In some cases, you cannot put off the move and must go forward with your set schedule. Moving on a rainy day requires a little more logistics to ensure the move goes properly and you can keep your items protected from excessive moisture.

Follow these tips to make the most out of a move and to ensure your items stay dry and safe as you transport items from home to home.

1. Use Plastic Totes Instead of Boxes

Cardboard boxes are strong, sturdy, and easy to use, but all of the benefits go away when rain is involved. Wet cardboard can easily lose its strength, resulting in broken boxes and potential mold or mildew growth. If a box sits damp for a long time, those smells could linger in a new home and on the items you pack inside.

Replace the cardboard boxes with plastic totes. Choose plastic totes with clips on the side to securely hold the covers in place. The locked cover will help seal off any water and keep the tote secure for the duration of the move. After the move, you can use the totes for extra storage options or donate them for someone else who is moving.

2. Use Vacuum Seal Bags for Fabric Items

You want to avoid exposing most fabric items in your home to the rain. To help protect them for the move, consider vacuum seal bags. The bags will completely enclose the items. Once the items are placed inside, use a vacuum to suck all of the air out and close off the bag for full protection.

Not only will you protect items from water, but you will save a lot of moving space as items are condensed down. Separate your items to keep the bags organized. For example, you can sealed bags with towels and washcloths. You can have other bags filled with your clothes.  Use larger bags to protect your blankets and sheets.

3. Park Close to the House

Avoid most of the rain by having a moving truck park close to the home. If the home has a garage, clear out a driveway so the moving truck can pull right up to the garage door. Not only will you prevent your items from getting wet, but you will reduce the distance you need to carry heavier items.

If the home has no garage, you can consider backing a moving truck up close to the front door of the home. In an effort to prevent tire tracks in the lawn, lay down large wooden or plastic planks to support the moving truck. When the truck is parked close, you can transfer items right from the home and into the back of the truck.

If angled correctly, you can extend a truck ramp to the front door for easy load access of large items like furniture and appliances.

4. Protect Electronic Equipment

Water damage can instantly ruin electronics. In the time before a move, you should unplug all of your electronics to cool off. When ready to pack, use plastic wrap normally used for food to completely cover the electronic device. Once covered, you can add an additional layer of bubble wrap for moving and bump protection.

For smaller items like cords and chargers, consider plastic baggies with leak-proof slider seals. The bags will offer moisture protection, and you can easily label the plastic on the outside to designate the different cords including phone chargers and video game power cords.

Rainy weather doesn’t need to be a major obstacle when you move. Help plan all of your moving solutions with our services at Affordable Moving Co. We will help you plan and execute a move no matter what weather problems are present.

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