Preparing for a Winter Move

House in Winter Snow

Moving in the winter doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you hire a professional moving company. In fact, winter is a great time to look for a home because fewer people do so in the winter.

However, when you move during the winter months, you should take precautions to protect your home, as well as your belongings, from damage due to the cold weather. Discover some winter moving tips to help make the transition easier for everyone.

Eliminate Extra Items

The first thing you should do is reduce the number of items that you need to move. Well before you move, go through your home and make plans to sell, give away, or dispose of any items that you no longer use or won’t fit into your new place. When you have less to move on moving day, then the move will go faster and easier, which can help with the shorter daylight hours during winter.

Make a Plan

All great moves require a great plan, so think ahead as to how you would like your move to proceed. Just before moving day, set aside a few changes of clothing, medications, important electronics, and some easy-to-prepare food items. This will help until you can begin to unpack.

Prepare to pull out and sort the items in your closet. Make sure that the movers have a clear path through your home and can easily access your furniture and other items.

Preparation for good organization and easy access to needed items will help make your winter move go quicker. You won’t have to spend as much time outside in the cold or in the dark.

Board Your Pets

If you have dogs, cats, and or caged animals, then either board them or make arrangements with someone to keep them out of the home on moving day. Small animals can get underfoot, become aggressive with the movers, or get frightened and stressed out during the move. Your pet may even decide to bolt out of the home and into the cold weather. Also, prepare your aquariums and terrariums for the move well ahead of time.

Lower Your Heat

All that movement between the indoors and outdoors can cause your home’s heater to cycle off and on continuously, unnecessarily wasting heat and money. Instead, turn down or turn off your heat while everyone travels back and forth from inside to outside. You can leave one room closed up with a heater or offer hot beverages if you and the movers need a quick warm-up.

Clean Your Walkways

Before the movers arrive, clean off any snow or ice off your front porch, stairs, and walkways. You may need to use salting agents if the ice is difficult to break up or shovel. If you live in an apartment, then be sure to ask your apartment manager or landlord before using salt or solvents. Make sure you clean up any mess or excess salt when you are done.

Prepare for Delays

Winter weather is unpredictable, and moving can be miserable during heavy snow or sleet. The roads may also have hazards and poor traffic conditions that could cause delays. Therefore, your move during these weather conditions may go slowly.

While professional movers can usually handle all types of weather conditions, you may still wish to delay the move until a more favorable day. Contact the moving company as soon as possible to discuss a postponement if you feel that the weather conditions are too unfavorable.

When you properly prepare for a winter move, then it will more likely go smoothly and quickly. The experts at Affordable Moving Co. will further help you prepare by carefully packing your household items and keep them protected against any inclement weather. If you are not prepared to move into your new apartment or home, we can also store your items in a climate-controlled area until you need them. Contact us for a free estimate of our services.

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