Why and How to Relocate Your Office During Renovations

Office Renovations — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.Do you need to remodel your office space? An efficient and comfortable office helps everyone work more effectively and enjoy their work. But renovating a working office can be a huge and disruptive project. Many businesses attempt to work through the chaos, perhaps by rotating the construction work locations or attempting to stagger the office work and construction.

But a better solution may be to move your entire office during the construction. How can this help you keep up operations? And why do you need professional moving help? Here are a few answers to your questions. 

Why Leave the Office Completely?

An extensive business remodel affects the company at large in more ways than you may realize. Even when only a portion of the office is actually being worked on at a given time, all the workers in that area and in surrounding areas have to work in a noisy, dirty, disrupted atmosphere. This leads to a drop in productivity, particularly when employees have to share offices or move around in search of a spot to work.

Your customers, clients, vendors, and business partners are also affected. The construction site could become an unappealing place to do business during construction. It may not be conducive to quiet meetings or serious discussions. It could even be a hazard as construction equipment, tools, and debris end up in the wrong places or in the way of staff and customers. 

Moving out of the office also allows a business the freedom to make large-scale changes. If you try to renovate while working around the existing layout and staff areas, you’ll be limited in how much change you can accomplish. You may have to stick with a similar layout or make alterations only within zones. Without staff in the way, you and your contractor can completely rethink the office plan.  

Do You Need Moving Help?

If relocating during construction is the right move for your renovation, should you attempt to do all the work on your own? The answer is likely ‘no’. Why? First, relying on yourself and staff to pack up offices, move furniture, store it, and replace it in the new space will take valuable time. Dealing with the effects of construction on operations is hard enough, but adding the extra work damages your ability to do business. 

A DIY office move is also a risk to the people and equipment involved. Moving furniture and equipment could cause injury to an untrained employee. Your business — and perhaps you personally — could be liable for that injury. And injuries or damage can put your staff and equipment out of commission when you need them the most. Professional movers not only take on this liability but also know how to avoid problems. 

Finally, professional movers get the job done in the least amount of time and with the least interruption to business. You can hire them to do everything from packing up offices to storing the furnishings to helping refurnish your office when work is done. They will also help you quickly move in and out of a temporary office space. It’s one less worry for owners, managers, and staff. 

Where Should You Start?

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to modernize or reconfigure your office, start by meeting with professional movers in your area. By working together from the early days of the renovation planning, you can design a system that maximizes efficiency and minimizes disruption. 

Affordable Moving Company has aided Chicago area businesses large and small with all their moving needs for more than 40 years. Call today to make an appointment with a moving pro.   

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