Ask Your Movers These 5 Questions

Office Questions — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.When you need to plan a move, a lot of factors are involved, but one of the most significant is the company you choose to help you do it. The movers you work with can make all the difference between an efficient, successful move and a slow, problematic one. As you determine what moving company to work with, ask these five questions to get an idea of who to trust with your home goods.

1. What Licensure Do You Have?

If the business is legitimate, they should have licenses with the state in which they work, or with the United States Department of Transportation if they work across state lines. If the company’s certification is up-to-date, you can be confident that your movers care about doing things the right way. This can help you understand not just their business practices but how they’ll handle your belongings.

2. Is Your Team’s Experience Relevant?

Moving has its peak seasons like everything else, and many companies will hire more employees to have enough hands to work. However, if the team that packs your belongings is mostly inexperienced, they’re more likely to injure themselves or not understand how to move specific items properly. Preferably, you’ll want to hire experienced movers who work their job year-round.

You should also make sure that the team you hire has experience with your particular type of move. Transportation from one apartment to another is very different from moving between large suburban houses, and both of those have different emphases than moving between business locations. Look for movers that know how to handle the move you’re asking them to accomplish.

3. What Costs Am I Responsible For?

Get a quote estimate for every move so that you can determine what to prepare for financially. If you want exact figures, look for a binding estimate quote, which will guarantee that your costs will not exceed a certain amount. If the company charges additional fees for specific add-ons and services, make sure you have an understanding of the extra charges before you sign anything.

Costs can also include liability coverage if you have expensive furniture or valuables to move. Your company should have its own insurance, but the minimums may not cover any actual damage. If you’re concerned about any of your belongings, consider a third-party insurance policy and factor that cost into your final budget estimates for the move.

4. How Will You Communicate?

If you don’t have the necessary communication with your movers, you could be opening yourself up to a variety of issues. Optimally, you’ll be able to ask the company for an itinerary and get an idea of the contracts you’ll have to sign on the day of the move. Don’t forget to get an idea of how you and the team will communicate throughout the packing, transportation, and unpacking processes.

5. What About Storage?

If your home goods get to your new destination before you do, you may have to pay for storage during the intermission. Storage fees may be part of the estimate you already have, or they could be an additional fee, so be sure you have a clear understanding of the expectations before you agree to the contract. In your move, as in many other areas of life, being prepared is half the battle.

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