Top Packing Tips When Moving Houses

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Like most people, you possibly experience mixed emotions of anxiety and excitement when you want to move houses. However, you may have to move houses at some point due to personal or career-related reasons. Fortunately, moving companies can help you plan well and ease the process.

But before you put your items in the truck, you need to pack them appropriately to prevent in-transit damage. Here are the top packing tips when moving houses.

Get Quality Boxes

Don’t be tempted to purchase low-quality cardboard boxes to pack your valuables. Although they will save you money, they can easily break and lead to losses. Purchase boxes that are strong and durable so you can pack with confidence that they will not break before you reach your destination.

Some people use grocery boxes, but you should avoid them because they are not that strong. Also, don’t use moving boxes that have been in your garage for years; their structural integrity may be affected by wear, pest infestation, or moisture and other elements.

Luckily, you can acquire quality boxes from a reliable moving company. And you may want to purchase quality boxes of different sizes. If you still have the boxes that came with your electronics, you can also use them because they were designed to carry the particular electronics, and thus they are safe.


Before you start packing items, you need to declutter. Donate or sell things that you don’t use or won’t need in your new house. Also, get rid of the old furniture that won’t fit in your new home.

Pack Room to Room

You will find it easier to pack room to room than trying to pack the whole house at once. Finish with the items in one room before you move on to the next one so that you don’t forget anything. You can create a checklist for each room to guide you.

Label Boxes

You don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to locate a particular box when you reach the destination. All you need to do is label boxes or color-code them to prevent this problem. Once you arrive in your new home, the movers will read the label and quickly put the boxes in their designated locations.

Pack Essentials Separately

You need to have a bag or box that contains essentials, such as toothbrushes, hygienic products, clothes, toys for kids, or paperwork. This bag should be with you.

You probably won’t unpack all your clothing immediately when you arrive. This bag will, therefore, keep you going before you remove everything.

Don’t Overfill the Boxes

Overpacking boxes might damage the contents or cause the boxes to break due to high stress. However, you shouldn’t leave empty spaces in the boxes because these spaces will cause things to move around. If you have empty spaces, fill them with towels, clothes, and blankets.

Wrap the Breakables

Don’t place fragile items in the boxes without extra cushion. Instead, wrap these items with paper or bubble wrap, and organize them systematically in the boxes. For example, you can put brittle cups and bowls inside each other with a newspaper in between and then add a three- to four-layer wrap on top.

Use Plastic Wraps on Liquids

Liquids can spill and wet other items in the boxes despite tightening the lid. Hence, it’s vital to use plastic wraps between the lid and the bottle. For extra care, put items that can spill separately from others.

Take Photos of the Furniture and Electronics

Before you disassemble furniture or electronics, such as television sets, take pictures to help you remember how to connect them back. If you get stuck when assembling these items, you can easily refer to the images.

The process of moving houses doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is to choose the right moving company and apply these packing tips.

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