3 Key Elements of Smart Residential Storage

Family Happy with Services — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.In an ideal world, individuals and families moving from one residence to another could always transport their belongings from the old home to the new home with no stops along the way. Unfortunately, real estate closing delays, work-related complications, or other issues may force those items to sit in storage temporarily.

Smart residential storage calls for more organization, safety precautions, and item protection than you might expect from simply throwing your possessions into a generic storage cubicle. Here are three key elements that can help ensure the most satisfactory residential storage experience possible.

    1. Climate Control

Chicago summer temperatures can easily top 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with winter low temperatures dipping into the low 20s. You may find yourself contending with either of these extremes during the course of your move. If your storage needs extend for several months, you may even face both ends of the scale.

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your possessions in multiple ways. For instance, extreme heat can damage your expensive electronic equipment. Cameras, phones, laptops, and computers can overheat even when inoperative, especially in an enclosed storage cubicle.

Extreme cold can prove as harmful to your electronics as extreme heat, especially if those electronics use batteries. Constant exposure to cold can damage batteries until they no longer hold a charge. While you can remove some batteries to avoid this user, other batteries don’t allow for user access or replacement.

Don’t forget the effects of humidity on your stored possessions. Condensation and dampness can fog up electronic gear, cause corrosion, encourage mold growth, and warp wooden furniture.

You can sidestep these concerns by storing your items in a climate-controlled unit. Ideally, you want a unit that can keep both its temperature and humidity level as steady and consistent as possible, providing a climate as similar as possible to your own preferred environment at home.

  1. Item Management

If you have ever found yourself puzzled and frustrated by a mountain of unmarked packing crates, then you know how confusing a lack of organization can prove at any stage of a relocation. Even clearly marked boxes can go missing or otherwise get lost in the shuffle of an inexpert moving and storage process.

The more items you have, or the more complicated your move in general, the more accurately you must identify, track, and organize that inventory. Professional warehousing services can help greatly in this regard. Some storage facilities can use electronic inventory techniques for quicker item location.

Electronic inventory tracking doesn’t just ensure that your movers can account for every item currently in storage. It also helps them keep track of these items during the loading, unloading, and unpacking stages of your move.

  1. Security and Privacy

You want to be assured that whatever personal possessions you put into storage will remain there, safe from prying eyes and thieving hands. However, you can’t achieve this goal simply by going with your instincts. You must insist on a storage facility that holds itself to high standards of security and privacy.

Storage facility security starts with the ability to watch out for suspicious visitors at all hours. The techniques involved may include video surveillance cameras, on-site security personnel, or both. Look for other positive signs such as well-maintained grounds and plentiful outdoor lighting.

You should also make sure that your storage facility offers secure, private access to the storage areas themselves. Keypads that require passwords before opening gates can limit access to the facility. You may have the option of using your own lock or renting/buying a lock to secure your individual storage unit.

Affordable Moving Co. goes far beyond the minimal provisions and expectations of bare-bones or do-it-yourself storage, providing everything from electronic inventory tracking to secure, climate-controlled warehousing. Contact us to discuss your residential storage and moving needs with our skilled specialists.  

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