The Do’s and Dont’s of Packing Your House Early

Smiling Kid — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.If you know well in advance that you’ll be moving to a new house, the natural question is when to actually start packing. Many people generally fall into two categories: those who try to start as early as possible and those who plan to do the majority of the work close to the big day.

Which category should you fall into? Are there better and worse times to pack up particular goods or areas of the house? To help you find the best packing strategy, here are a few do’s and don’ts for packing ahead of time.

Do Pack Unused Areas Early

The most obvious place to begin packing is in rooms or areas you don’t often use. This might include storage areas like the attic or garage or might just be portions of some rooms (such as a closet full of seasonal décor). The benefit of getting these spaces out of the way is that the change will impact your life as little as possible in the weeks or months before you move.

Don’t Pack Bedrooms Early

Many people find that packing up their bedrooms early makes the move more stressful than it needs to be. This is especially true of kids who may not fully understand what’s going on or may not be on board yet with the big change. The longer their personal space stays intact, the easier their transition is likely to be. Even adults may want to maintain their daily-use area as a small haven in the chaos of a move.

Do Pack Difficult Spaces Early

Is there any particular area of your home or property that you dread having to pack? If so, do your best to tackle it early. This strategy gets the hardest parts of the packing process over with and leaves only the simpler spaces for the last minute. It’s a psychological win and a practical win.

When you get into these spaces early, you can also determine if you need help with them. You may be dreading this task because you know you might need professional help with things like packing a myriad of hazardous tools in the garage or disassembling your home theater system. Advance planning gives you time to come to that realization and hire a team.

Don’t Pack Essentials Early

There are two forms of essentials that shouldn’t be packed up early. The first is what you need to keep on with daily life until moving day. Daily use bathrooms are an excellent example. And most people decide to divide their kitchen goods into what’s necessary and what’s unnecessary until the move. Avoid overdoing it on packing up what you’re likely to use or you may add to your stress and frustration.

The second group of essential goods is what you need to take with you on the trip. Everyone in the house should have a list of essentials that stay unpacked until the very end. This may include clothing, important documents, toiletries, road snacks, and their most sentimental items. Save a box or two to load these into before you head out.

Do Pack Valuables Early

Finally, start early on anything that has particular value. This includes artwork, collectibles, family heirlooms, and antiques. These generally deserve special attention, which you may not be able to give if you wait until moving day. Take the time to find the right protective materials and pack these items according to expert recommendations.

As you follow these do’s and don’ts for packing up early, you’ll undoubtedly find that the move is calmer and less stressful. Want more tips? Visit with the moving pros at Affordable Moving Co. in Chicago. We can help you analyze your needs to come up with the right plan and the perfect timeline. Call today to make an appointment.

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