Summer Moving Tips

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Summertime is here, which means it is officially moving season. Many families take school finishing as an opportune time to transplant to a new home, so if this is you, you are in good company. Moving in the summer can come with its own challenges, so follow these tips to have a successful transition. Congratulations on your new season of life!

1. Give Yourself Time

Moving season means that you will have to allow for limited availability. Since many others are also transitioning to a new home, moving companies may be booked out well in advance. Schedule them ahead of time to ensure that your family is able to coordinate plans and schedules. If you can, take a weekday or two off to coordinate the move; you are more likely to get the movers you want midweek than on weekends.

You also want to get everything ready to go well before moving day. Go through your belongings, get rid of what you do not want to take along, and pack as much as you can before the truck pulls up. You will have enough to do then without trying to put your last-minute packing in order.

2. Hydrate Everyone Involved

Summertime means heat, and heat means sweating more than usual, so staying hydrated will be critical for a successful move. Bottle up water or purchase a couple of packs. Make sure your family and the movers know where it is. Offering water throughout the process can be a helpful way to ensure everyone gets what they need, and you will avoid dealing with the dangers of dehydration in the middle of everything else.

3. Pick Appropriate Coverage

Many people forget how much physical labor moving involves, even if you are not the one carrying boxes where they need to go. Moving day is a great time to pull out workout clothes, not thick fabrics, so you can keep cool and comfortable as you pack and process your belongings.

Sunscreen is also important to consider, especially since you will likely wear shorts and T-shirts or tank tops. Ensure everyone in your care has access to sunscreen and, within your family, that they use it. Unpacking and organizing your new home will be far more challenging if you are also nursing sunburns.

4. Keep Everything Cool

Electronics and refrigerated foods, among other things, can suffer from too much heat exposure, so summertime is a time to be careful. Look for movers that use temperature-controlled trucks, or just bring them in your personal vehicle.

You can also keep cool if you go ahead to your new house and put the air conditioning on before anyone else gets there. During a summer move, the chill will feel much better for everyone, and you can prepare the way for your family and movers alike.

5. Celebrate

Summer has a lot of holidays, and moving day can be another day to celebrate. Do something with your family to commemorate the new season of life you are entering together.

That being said, celebrate holidays on their respective dates—do not turn a holiday into moving day. Between traffic, higher rates, and far more limited mover availability, it is not worth it. Celebrate on Memorial Day or Fourth of July—do not move on those weekends.

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