8 Healthy Snacks for Your Moving Day

Man Removing Stuff In The Box — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.Shifting to a new home is a significant milestone for many people. It is an exciting endeavor and signifies a new beginning and opportunity to explore a new neighborhood. However, moving is hard work, from going up and down stairs, cleaning, and packing to carrying heavy boxes and furniture.

One way to reward your hard work is to buy or make snacks for the moving day. This way, you will have the energy to keep you going. Also, you save money because you don’t have to buy fast food that is both unhealthy and expensive. The best snacks should be quick to prepare, nutritious, and light — heavy snacks can cause fatigue and slow you down. Discover eight healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks for your moving day.

1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches make good snacks for moving day as they are often healthy and easy to prepare. You can make them with a wide range of things, such as eggs, chicken, ham, and tofu. Try making the sandwiches with different types of bread. Peanut butter sandwiches made with whole wheat bread are both delicious and energizing.

2. Dried Fruit

When moving, you need food that keeps you full the whole day. Dried fruits are an excellent option as they contain protein, fiber, and natural sugars to keep you full. One of the best things about dried fruits is that they are less messy compared to regular fruits. As such, you can carry them easily without worrying about spills.

3. Tacos

If you love Mexican food, consider making or buying some tacos. They will give you much-needed energy for your moving day. Tacos are usually light on the stomach, and you won’t feel tired. Do not forget to carry some salad or fruit juice to accompany them.

4. Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

These protein balls are tasty, healthy, and easy to make. You will need chia seeds, dark cocoa powder, coconut oil, vanilla, protein powder, almond butter, and a natural sweetener like honey.

5. Cookies

On moving day, cookies never disappoint and offer energy for the whole day. You can try different types of cookies, from oatmeal to macaroon, biscotti, and chocolate chip cookies. Cookies taste even better after a busy moving day.

6. Oatmeal and Berries

Breakfast is a hearty meal for any day, especially a busy day like this. Oatmeal and berries are a good combination as they are packed with fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. The berries contain antioxidants and sugars to fuel your body and mind.

7. Sweet Potatoes

When you need to fight midday fatigue, sweet potatoes are ideal. They are rich in carbohydrates and Vitamin A and C. You can have them chopped or mashed. Another way to enjoy them is to chop them into strips, toss them in oil, and then bake them a little for a healthier and tastier alternative to French fries.

8. Beverages

In addition to all these snacks, you should stay hydrated on the big day. Drink plenty of fluids such as water, fruit juice, and cold tea to keep your body functioning optimally. During winter, hot coffee and tea can help. Keep off energy drinks, icy beverages, and carbonated drinks, as they are often harmful to your body.

Moving is a physically demanding job, and you need to recharge often. Do not go hungry or opt for unhealthy foods on your moving day. The above snacks are light on your stomach, easy to make, and nutritious to give you strength and energy for your moving day.

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