7 Storage Tips To Help You Store Your Items Easier

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If you are planning a move or have already settled into your new home, you might need to store some of your belongings. A great way to do this is to rent a secure, climate-controlled storage unit that can be used to hold your items safely. Read on to discover a few other storage tips that can help you store your items easier.

1. Get the Right Unit Size

You shouldn’t get a storage unit that’s too small and unable to fit all your stuff. You also don’t want to get one that’s larger than you need and costs more than you want to spend on storage fees.

In most cases, a small storage unit can hold items that equate in size to up to one bedroom, and a bigger unit may hold belongings from up to five rooms. Another good way to calculate how much storage space you’ll need is to stack the items you plan to store and multiply the length, width, and height of the pile. Items in multiple rooms can be stacked and calculated individually if you plan to store a lot of things. 

2. Insure Your Belongings

You might be required to insure some or all of your stored items, but you should consider getting insurance even if it’s optional and not already included in your homeowners or renters insurance plan. A good insurance plan can cover certain items that are damaged in storage so that you won’t have to come up with extra money to replace them yourself.

3. Keep Items Dry

Even in a climate-controlled storage unit, things can get wet if items aren’t stored properly. Refrigerators and freezers should always be defrosted and drained prior to storing and have their doors slightly open while being stored to avoid water leaks or condensation buildups.

Items shouldn’t be stored in plastic bags, as this could lead to condensation formation and mildew growth that ruins some of your belongings.

4. Consider Using Clear Bins

Cardboard boxes are commonly used to hold items that are being stored, but clear bins can make finding certain items easier. You likely won’t have to dig through as many boxes and storage containers if you’re able to see some of your items through clear bins. Some clear bins are also made of sturdy plastic material that is stronger than cardboard and holds items more securely.

5. Take Apart Certain Items Before Storing Them

Dining tables, bedframes, and other items that can be disassembled should be taken apart to save space if you’re planning to store them. Some sofas can also be disassembled for easier storage. Removing shelves from bookcases may additionally help you save space.

6. Store Vertically

You’ll likely have more vertical space in your storage unit than horizontal, and storing some of your belongings upright is a great way to maximize space. Large furniture pieces can be stored upright toward the back of the storage unit to save space and make accessing your unit easier. 

7. Consider Warehouse Storage

You don’t always have to rent an individual unit, and storing your items in a warehouse might save you money and could be a more sensible alternative. Warehouses are often used by businesses, but you can also reserve space inside a warehouse if you live in or are moving to a big home. If you choose warehouse storage, your items will be electronically inventoried to ensure there aren’t any mix-ups with your stuff.

By storing your items the smart way, you can stay better organized and eliminate a lot of the hassle. Affordable Moving Company can help you move and store your items the easy way and simplify your transition. Contact Affordable Moving Company today to learn more about the services and inquire about rates.

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