5 Tips for Moving With Kids

Moving with Kids — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.

You have to do many tasks to ensure a successful and smooth move. The moving process can be even more complicated if you have children. If your children have concerns, use the following tips to prepare them for the big move.

1. Have a Family Meeting

Once you have confirmed the move, organize a family meeting. During the meeting, start by explaining why the family has to move. For example, you may have earned a promotion and have to move to a new location. You should tell your children that you are happy about the change and explain this will impact the whole family.

You should also encourage your children to speak up and express their feelings freely. If this is the first time the children are moving, they may be worried. Share the story of your first move to put them at ease. Also, you should inform the children that they will be assisting the family in packing and unpacking household items during the move.

2. Let the Children Feel Included

The moving process involves many big decisions, and your child can help you make some of these decisions. For example, allow the children to join you during the home tours. If you are searching for a new home online, let the children browse the realtor’s website. 

Your children can also make a list of some of the items that they want to be in the new home. While you don’t have to buy everything on their list, you can get some of the items for the new home so they have something to look forward to. 

Another common strategy is letting the children tag along when shopping for moving supplies. The kids might not enjoy taking items from the hardware store, but they may be overjoyed to pick up items from nearby retail stores. 

If you intend to bring a pet into the family after the move, let the children pick out the pets. Other decisions that the children can make include the paint color of their bedroom.

3. Show Them the New Neighborhood

If the new place is nearby, take your children to visit the new home before you move in. You can even go inside the house and show the kids their new rooms. You should drive around the new neighborhood, so children can get familiar with this significant change in their lives. 

If the children will be changing schools, drive by the school. You can let the children know where they’ll be learning, and the principal may allow the children to walk around or meet their new teachers if they are present.

4. Hire a Babysitter on Moving Day

Although you should allow the children to feel included in the move, you can keep the children away from the house when the actual move takes place. Many movers require space to pack and move items from the house to the moving truck.

The movers may also come with machines and lifts to help you move, but their equipment may not be safe for your children. You can hire a babysitter for the moving day, or let the children stay with your friends or relatives during the move. 

5. Stick to the Routine

Sudden changes can cause anxiety and fear in your children. To help calm your children, maintain a regular schedule before and during the move. For example, the children can wake up and go to bed as usual. If the children take regular naps during the day, you can ensure that happens, even on the moving day. 

When you move into their new home, re-establish the usual routine to help children settle in an unfamiliar place. While you may have to unpack slower than necessary, your child can quickly feel that their world hasn’t changed. 

The success of your move depends on the mover. Affordable Moving Company has trained professionals and the right equipment to help ensure a successful move. Reach out to us today to let us know how we can help you.

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