3 Moving Accessories Ideal for Transporting Live Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants — Chicago, IL — Affordable Moving Company, Inc.Living plants are delicate objects and when you move homes, you want to ensure you keep your plants alive and healthy. If you take a little extra time to move your plants, you will cause less disruption, which can help the plants remain alive and well as you get settled into the new home.

Instead of just stacking the plants or packing them without a plan, consider four moving accessories to help protect the plants and make the move easier.

1. Wagons

When you have pots and vases to move out of your home, you do not want to disturb the soil and have the plant shift around dramatically as you carry items in and out of houses. One way to easily transport your plants is with a wagon. A wagon features space for multiple plants without overcrowding the area.

As you roll the wagon, the plants move smoothly and are not constantly lifted up and down. When you hire a moving company or rent a moving truck, you can roll the wagon right up the ramp of a truck instead of lifting and moving the plants. Some trucks may have lifts, which will create even less movement for the wagon.

You can keep the wagon parked inside the moving truck and roll it back down when you arrive at the new home. Once you’re done using the wagon, you can keep it for any outdoor gardening needs at your new home.

2. Rolling Coat Racks

Hanging plants are even more delicate than floor plants. When the plants grow and hang down, you do not want to crush stems or damage flowers that get squished on the ground. Keep hanging plants elevated in the air with the use of a rolling coat rack.

When you purchase or borrow a rolling coat rack, check to see if the wheels lock. When the rack is packed in the back of a moving truck, you want to lock the wheels to prevent the rack from rolling.

To help stabilize the plants on the rack, consider adding a foam cover over the hanging bar. A foam cover like pipe insulation or a pool noodle will work with the coat rack. Once you place the foam cover on, use a utility knife to cut out an area to place the plant hanger. Once hung, the plants will not slide up and down the rack as the moving truck drives through town.

Repeat the process for multiple hangers and keep them all evenly spaced. Once you reach your destination, you can easily roll the rack into your new home and hang the plants up in new locations.

3. Portable Grow Lights

If you have a longer commute to your new home, you may be concerned about the lack of natural light for your plants. A lot of moving trucks don’t have any windows and your plants will be in complete darkness. Help ensure their survival by traveling with grow lights.

The most efficient grow lights use LED technology to help plants grow and thrive. When you’re going through a move, you can rely on portable grow lights for natural light. Portable grow lights rely on battery power, so you should start off with a fresh set of batteries before you move. The batteries will help the lights last long.

Connect the smaller lights to individual plants so you do not have to pack extras items or worry about mounting the lights. Small clips or tape will help keep the lights attached. If you are hiring a moving service to help with the move, then you can showcase the lights and instruct the movers to keep the lights connected and powered on.

Get all the help you need for your move with our services at the Affordable Moving Company. We can help you with any request, especially for delicate items like live plants.

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