3 Advantages of White Glove Delivery Moving Service for Collectors

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If you are an avid collector, then you may have a wide range of statues, figures, and other memorabilia pieces from through the years. Your collection could include pop-culture items based on your favorite movies, TV shows, or interests you had as a child. If you plan to move homes, then you may become stressed out over the collectibles you have to relocate.

Instead of doing the job yourself, look into a moving service known as white glove delivery. The service is typically for art galleries and museums, but you can find many advantages as you attempt to relocate your collectibles from home to home.

Check out these advantages and reasons to inquire about white glove delivery as you plan your move.

1. Proper Packing and Categorizing

When you have collectible items packed away, you do not want to worry about fragile pieces breaking or mint condition boxes getting bent corners or cracked plastic. With white glove service, the movers will put a lot of special care into the items you need to be packed. You can go through the specific items you want to be packed.

For some of your more valuable collectibles, white glove movers will pack them individually. For example, if movers were to pack two mint-on-card action figures together in the same package, then the weight could them to push on each other and potentially cause damage. No matter how big or small, individual packing offers the best protection.

2. Unboxing Approval and Placement

When a white glove delivery service brings the items to a new home, they do not just drop off the items and leave. You have the opportunity to inspect items. Not only can you see if every item has arrived properly, but you can ensure the items have no damage and remain in the same condition you got them.

Along with the drop-off inspection, you have the opportunity to have the white glove movers set up your collectible pieces. For example, you may have a large shelf you had moved into your new residence. You can show movers the exact location of the shelf and then select the areas where you want the collectibles to go.

The process will save you a lot of time and ensure your items get handled with care. With everything all set up, you do not need to go through the stress of unpacking and setting up your own collectibles.

3. Climate-Controlled Storage

In some situations, your new house may not be ready to unpack your collectibles. You may need to upgrade the climate control in the house or wait for new display cases that you want to purchase for the new home. If you are not ready to unpack the collectibles, then seek out climate-controlled storage services through the white glove service.

After the initial packing of your collectibles, a moving company will store the items in a safe and secure storage locker until your new house is ready. The climate-controlled storage will ensure your collectibles or any mint-condition packaging does not suffer damage due to high heat, humidity, or extreme cold.

You can choose the duration of your storage needs. Once you are ready, the white glove service will complete the moving process and deliver the items to your home with the same methods and process.

For full white glove service options, contact us at Affordable Moving Co. We will take care of your collectibles and provide you with updates and extra details throughout the whole process. Our services and experience can help reduce the stress and anxiety you feel about relocating some of your most valuable pieces.

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