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White Glove Delivery Services for Chicago IL

Affordable Chicago offers white glove delivery for the Chicagoland area. We do white glove delivery of antiques, fine art, and other precious and fragile items to individuals or business, including custom made furniture for interior design companies. Our employees have been specifically trained to perform this premium service, and we’ve been making white glove deliveries in Chicago IL for as long as we’ve been a company.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery service is an additional level of service that we offer for clients who require more from a moving and delivery service. This entails special handling instructions, special delivery, unpacking of the item, presentation of the item for inspection, and placement of the item for the client.

Special Handling Instructions

Some objects have special delivery instructions that must be adhered to. It’s easy to see how antiques may have special handling requirements, but even some everyday items (albeit valuable everyday items) require special attention. For example, plasma TVs cannot be placed on their backs for extended periods of time. This is because of the chemistry and makeup of the elements of the screen itself. Other items require special temperatures, orientations, or other considerations taken in to account in order to ensure that they are delivered appropriately.


White glove delivery involves the unpacking of an item. What this entails will vary based on the object that you’re having shipped. For many items, it may be a simple unboxing, but for some items, such as those for our many interior design clients in Chicago, it will involve removing the packing material from everything from larger furniture to special cases for fine art.

Presentation for Inspection

Getting an item shipped to you is something any delivery service or moving company can do, but receiving your shipment damaged is something no one wants to deal with. Our white glove delivery for Chicago businesses and individuals allows you to inspect the shipped item and sign off on its condition. Having a shipment arrive in perfect order is important to you, so it’s important to us.

Object Placement

With heavy furniture, large objects, or other precious items, having it delivered in perfect condition is great, but if it’s left on your doorstep, you’re left one step short of where you want to be. We’ll place the furniture or item in the area you specify, thus taking care of the entire delivery process from A-Z.

Contact Affordable Moving Company for your next White Glove Delivery

If you live in or around Chicago IL or if you operate a business in this area and you need white glove delivery for fine art, fine furniture, antiques, or other precious items, call us today.

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